Base Metal Games iColorTool

Split Modes

These modes split an image into its component colors and display them side by side. This may help those with a color deficiency see otherwise hidden details.

RGB Split

This mode separates the Red/Green/Blue channels (RGB) and displays them side-by-side:

They are colored with their actual colors of red, green or blue. This is most useful to those with normal color vision to perceive the separation of these color channels.

RGB Split Mono

Similar to RGB Split, this separates the Red/Green/Blue channels, but displays each of them in monochrome for easier comparison by those with a color vision deficiency.

LMS Split Mono

Similar to RGB Split Mono, this mode uses the LMS color space, which more closely approximates the cones of the human eye than RGB.

Those missing one of the LMS cones can use this mode to see color information they are otherwise missing.